Celebrity diamonds, and the winner is……..

News about Celebrity diamond engagement rings seem to have taken on a life of their own. Each one taking over the spotlight until the next, bigger, more expensive one knocks it off its pedestal. Who would have thought that celebrity engagements would still be so popular among the rich and famous? With a huge majority of marriages constantly failing with couples in the high profile entertainment business it seemed unlikely that cupid would still have a job. However, it looks as if celebrities, justlike the rest of us, still have hope!

Beyonce - Concert in Barcelona in 2007

Beyonce - Concert in Barcelona in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage doesn’t make it, she could sell her diamond ring and donate the money to feed a small impoverished nation with the proceeds. It was reported at the time that Jay Z spent approximately 5 million dollars on her 18 carat flawless emerald cut diamond. Apparently size does matter!!  Of course that was back in 2008, since then there has been an onslaught of engagements and gorgeous multi million dollar diamond rings.

The press went crazy over Kim Kardashians 20.5 carat diamond ring. The diamond was exquisite, the marriage, not so much.  If you do the math, 72 days married, 2 million for the ring, she got $27,777 per day. Not too bad for 72 days, that’s a lot even for Kim.

If you count how much more she could probably sell the diamond for considering her celebrity status then you could probably up that by a million or so!

Studio publicity portrait of the American actr...

Studio publicity portrait of the American actress Elizabeth Taylor. Français : Portrait publicitaire pris en studio de l'actrice américaine Elizabeth Taylor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All this pales in comparison to the diamonds Elizabeth Taylor received from Richard Burton. In 1968 Richard Burton bought Elizabeth Taylor a 33.19 carat Asscher cut diamond, known as the Krupp diamond. Small in comparison to another diamond Elizabeth received from him, a pear shape, which weighed in at 69.42 carats.

This diamond was cut from a rough stone weighing 240.80 carats discovered in 1966. This diamond was known thereafter as the Taylor Burton diamond after its very famous owners. I don’t think I know of a celebrity couple that can even come close to the remarkable and rare jewelry owned by the legendary Elizabeth Taylor in her life time.

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